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Online 5G Permits 

Avolve Software is providing an online 5G SaaS solution to improve the submission and approval turnaround of 5G permits (small cell and tower hubs), as well as providing the jurisdiction with shot clock tracking and accountability.


Our SaaS-based 5G solution can be deployed quickly to provide web based application submissions and approval workflows for small cell pole attachments, replacements, co-locations, new monopoles, 5G towers, and fiber right-of-way reviews involving internal and external agencies / private utilities.

Avolve and IBTS (Institute for Building Technology and Safety) are partnering to provide jurisdictions additional manpower to conduct submission reviews when required.

The process based platform is designed to bring efficiency and ease to submitting, reviewing, changing, approving, storing and accessing engineering plans and data.  Over 150+ cities and counties in the US and Canada are using Avolve's products. 


Online 5G permits SaaS
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