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Small Cell Solution
Accelerate 5G Permitting

Submission & Review Efficiency - Shot Clock Accountability

5G Permitting

Is your jurisidiction ready for 1000's of 5G permits?


What Government Officials Need to Know to Prepare for 5G

Small Cell Submission & Review

The solution for local goverment jurisdictions

We can help.

Avolve Software is providing a small cell solution that can immediately help jurisdictions improve submission and review efficiency with shot clock accountability.  A web submission, review and approval solution that enables jurisdictions to process and approve higher volumes of small cell permits in less time.


Our SaaS-based small cell offering can be deployed rapidly providing online application submissions and ePlan Review workflows for small cell pole attachments, replacements, new poles, etc.  It also provides workflows for fiber right-of-way reviews (internal and external agencies/private utilities).

This proven cloud-based submission and ePlan Review solution can typically be up and running in weeks – enabling the efficiencies of a standardized web-based process. 


Avolve has also partnered with IBTS (Institute for Building Technology and Safety) to provide jurisdictions additional manpower to conduct submission reviews as required.

Submit & Review

Municipalities & Council of Governments

Accepting Online Submissions


Accepting Online Submissions


Accepting Online Submissions


Accepting Online Submissions


Accepting Online Submissions

For Software Demo Purposes ONLY


Avolve Software is offering a full 5G SaaS solution to jurisdictions for:.  

  • Site walks

  • Pole review (small cell) workflows 

  • Tower review workflows

  • ROW review workflows for fiber (including external parties)

Our goal is to provide a solution that can be deployed rapidly by each jurisdiction in a standard way that enables external review partners to provide out-sourcing services nationally as needed.


Contact us to schedule a demo.

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Phone: 602.714.9774

Toll Free: 888.511.0090

About Us

Since 2008, Avolve Software has delivered the industry’s leading ePlan Review workflow software to over 150 of North America’s city, county, and state governments to transform their submission and review processes in building, planning, engineering, public works, fire, DOT and capital improvements.


Avolve is the largest, independent software vendor dedicated exclusively to providing efficiency and tracking to eplan review processes.

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