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Small Cell Solution
Accelerate 5G Permitting

Rapidly deployed cloud software solution to help meet shot clock expectations for increasing small cell permit volumes.


Submission & Review Efficiency - Shot Clock Accountability

Ready for small cell permit volumes?

Avolve's Small Cell Solution enables jurisdictions to manage 5G asset reservations, permit submissions and reviews with far greater efficiency and ease.

Avolve has been delivering submission and review software to local jurisdictions for over 15 years.  We have deployed over 1000 process review workflows for over 150+ cities, counties and states.

Key Benefits
Go Paperless
Gain Efficiency
Applicant Ease
Process Insight

Proven shot clock success:  review time dropped 23 days to just 3 days and applicant turnaround averages reduced from 49 days to 8 days.

The solution for local goverment jurisdictions


A full end-to-end solution that can be ready for rapid go live.

Submit asset lists for reservation grants.  Once granted submit small cell and/or fiber permit applications for jurisdictional review and approval.  The entire process is online and runs in the cloud.  The small cell permit approvals update the reservation system appropriately and approved plan sets become available for pre-con and inspection needs in the field.

Supported export integrations and APIs are available to work in conjunction with existing land management, permit management, asset management and content management systems.

About Avolve's Small Cell Solution

Asset Reservation

Asset Reservation for Small Cell Attachments

Easily manage pole reservation approvals for jurisdictional assets. No more spreadsheet updating.  Assets become unavailable when reserved or permitted.

Applicants submit reservation request lists and the system will auto deny all unavailable or excluded.  Applicants have set number of days to submit applications.

A dynamic system that allows for small cell attachment reservation request and approval. Includes search ring analysis for available asset candidates, activity reporting, and more.  Designed to work with an asset database or without.

SR Features

Key Features - Application Submission & Review

An online application and permit / ePlan review solution for small cell using our OAS and ProjectDox cloud software configured for small cell workflows and applications.  Work with or without the asset reservation module - optionally.


Uploading & Versioning

File & markup management


Task Assignments

With due dates


Responses Required

All corrections have responses

Verify Corrections

Step-through review

Status of Review

Always know - exactly

Applicant Ease
Guided interactions & videos


Third Party reviewers

No additional licensing


Pre-con / Inspections 

Mobile access to plan set

Process Insight

Dashboards & reports

Full Accountability

Time with applicant & jurisdiction

About Avolve's Small Cell Solution


Contact Us

Sales and Product Information

General Info:

Phone: 602.714.9774

Toll Free: 888.511.0090

About Us

Since 2008, Avolve Software has delivered the industry’s leading ePlan Review workflow software to over 150 of North America’s city, county, and state governments to transform their submission and review processes in building, planning, engineering, public works, fire, DOT and capital improvements.


Avolve is the largest, independent software vendor dedicated exclusively to providing efficiency and tracking to eplan review processes.

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